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Mornell Studios

 Located in Atlanta, Georgia the studio offers ongoing classes, audition coaching, weekend intensives, and self tapes.  

" ...I work with a very talented young actor who is currently enrolled in what is considered one of the nation's top 3 undergraduate acting programs. He had to put a very difficult scene down on tape this week. after seeing the first tape that he did with one of his acting professors, I didn't think it was ready to send back to casting. I asked him to take another crack at the material. 3 hours later I get a tape back from him - I can hear sara's voice as his reader via skype so I knew immediately who he'd called. I can not express to you the difference between these two tapes. not just night and day. I would have thought YEARS of training had passed between these two takes. I was completely blown away not just by my client's performance, but at how quickly Sara was able to get rid of all of the BS and cut right to the meat of the scene, effectively bringing the actor right to the sweet spot. it was present and emotional and camera fucking ready. if you're ready as an actor to go there, she will take you."

Craig Gartner 

Gartner | Green Entertainment