A few of the jobs booked after coaching with Sara:


11.22.63, 24, American Crime Story, American Horror Story, Ballers, Big Bang Theory, Bones, Bosch, CSI, Cabin in The Woods, Castle, Casual, True Blood, Chicago Fire, Crazy Stupid Love, Don Jon, ER, Entourage, Footloose, Friday Night Lights, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes Reborn, How to Get Away With Murder, Justified, Lie to Me, Mad Men, Masters of Sex, Mike and Molly, Modern Family, Moneyball, Mr. Robot, NCIS, Nikita, Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation, Psych, Rizzoli & Isles, Scandal, Secret Life of The American Teenager, Secret and Lies, Shameless, Sons of Anarchy, Step Up, The Catch, The Game Plan, The Last Ship, The Mentalist, The Mindy Project, The Shield, True Detective, Two and Half Men, Undercovers, Vegas, We are Marshall, You're the Worst, Zoo, This is Us, Ransom, Taken, Westworld, Fear of the Walking Dead, Fearless, Young and the Restless, Miss Sloane, Mistresses, Designated Survivor, Valor.

Jesse Williams

"The simple truth is that my performance, understanding, ability to progress, and yes, my employment, have all dramatically improved with the guidance and support of Sara Mornell. I consistently look to her for coaching, and wisdom, and am always, ALWAYS, better for it." - Grey’s Anatomy, The Butler

Adam Rodriguez

"Elevation as an artist requires constant growth- we must always be learning, searching, feeding and exercising our creative selves. Along the way we find people who will guide us. Sara is one of the very best guides I’ve ever come across. Through her honest approach and genuine concern she’s helped me get back on a road I’d forgotten how to find. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and own up to your truth and channel that truth into your acting, I don’t think there are very many people who can do what she does as well as she does it. So, if the truth is what you want to deliver, then find someone who will commit to pushing you through all of the scary places it takes to get there. Sara has done that for me and we’re just get started." – CSI: Miami, Magic Mike,

Mekia Cox

"Let me tell you the many ways in which I love this woman. 1.) She’s awesome 2.) She’s blunt. But she is blunt in the BEST way possible. If you want one of those coaches/teachers who tears you down to try to lift you up, Sara is not that. Sara is someone who will continuously lift your spirits reminding you of all the positive attributes that make you uniquely you, all the while tearing down all of the negative habits that are holding you back. 3.) She is a WORKING ACTRESS. She has been in the room, she’s been on set. She KNOWS what an audition room looks and feels like and she knows what to do when the director yells ACTION. 4.) She is a genuinely GOOD person. She sincerely cares about each and every actor/actress she works with. All in all, she’s the real deal. Working with her has been so helpful to my career. I cannot thank her enough for the positive impact she’s had on my life." – Secrets and Lies, Chicago Med

Carter MacIntyre

"Sara doesn’t mess around. She knows what works and utilizes an enormous creativity when approaching the audition process, allowing her to be free from any systematic approach and thus allowing the actor the ultimate freedom in their work. What’s amazing is that she is able to do this with total focus and directness while maintaining a sense of fun." – Benched, Drop Dead Diva

Bret Green

"My manager referred me to Sara and it was the greatest recommendation anyone has ever made to me. Within a week of meeting Sara I booked a co-star on How to Get Away With Murder and within a month I was testing for a series regular role for a CBS pilot. I had been banging my head against the wall for two years trying to learn the secret to booking, and it turns out the secret is Sara Mornell. I now walk into the audition room with a confidence that cannot be broken by any casting director’s bad day or poor read." – The Inspectors, Jane the Virgin

David Eigenberg

"Some people speak the truth very well… Sara does that The work stopped coming. It wasn’t the industry, it wasn’t the agents or anything. It was me. Mornell looked, identified the problem and taught me… again. Hats off to Sara."– Chicago Fire, Sex and The City

Ursula Whittaker

"Working with Sara makes a huge difference in my confidence going into an audition. Honestly, doing the prep & discovery work with her makes it one of my favorite parts of the process. I regularly find myself saying to a suggestion she makes, “Oh, yes! Of course! Love that. Let me try that.” This kind of prep puts me in this mindset when I’m going into the audition of, “Hey, what about this, people? Isn’t this a fun, fresh take?” When I work with Sara, I often walk out of an audition feeling like I did what I wanted to do." – Prime Suspect, Private Practice

Kenny Wormald

"Walking into my first audition after getting coached by Sara was like a blind man seeing for the first time. To make it real, you have to bring the page to life. That’s what she does, period. Finding someone who can help you grow as a person and an actor is priceless. I found that in Sara Mornell." – Footloose 2010, Fear the Walking Dead

Ethan Embry

"Before you work with Sara you need to ask yourself two questions. Can you handle the truth? Are you willing to listen? ‘Cause she won’t sugar coat or censor. She is by far one of the best coaches out there. I really do trust her opinion. And that’s rare." – Once Upon a Time, Can’t Hardly Wait

Aja Evans

"Sara gave me my power back in the audition room. After years of not knowing what was “allowed” and feeling subservient to everyone in the casting room, I finally understand how to walk into a room with confidence. She taught me how to stop saying “sorry”, literally and figuratively. Working with her has given me strength in the work that I’m now doing, belief in myself and a trust in myself and my instincts. She turns a “fine” audition into one that is special and stands out. Its such a gift to work with someone who has such experience, talent, and honesty. She is truly a blessing to all actors who work with her." – The Dark Knight Rises, NCIS

Hayes MacArthur

"Sara really cares. She has a burning desire to see her students excel and grow. To an actor, that extra push can be the difference between working and not working. It’s invaluable to have someone like her in your corner." – Angie Tribeca, Whitney

Mitchell Fink

"Sara is amazing. There is no cookie cutter way of approaching the work. She has an amazing eye, takes the time with you and has such an amazing way of identifying how to bring something that is uniquely YOU into the room. In a town of acting teachers who produce clones, Sara is truly special. She is positive, focused and truly cares for each actor that she works with. Any actor should consider themselves fortunate to have the time to work with her." – Mad Men, A Thousand Men

Emmanuel Castis

"What can I say about Sara Mornell? Here is a person who understands her craft better than a lot of people I know. Someone who truly understands the art of auditioning on every level. But not only the technique, but also the psyche behind being an auditioning actor. I have learned so much in this short time that I have been working with Sara. One would think after seventeen years of a professional acting career I would know a lot. I didn't know s...t compared to what I have been taught. On top of that one becomes a confident self-believing actor when working with Sara.The countless booked jobs from all her actors is the proof in how effective she is as a coach." – Black Sails, Tremors 5: Bloodlines

Michael Lombardi

"It’s extremely rare to meet someone as special as Sara. She is deeply talented and passionate in everything she does. She invests an endless amount of support and belief in every student.

Working with Sara has changed my entire outlook, not only on the auditioning process, but acting as a whole. She has brought creativity, fun, freedom, and confidence to my work. I am truly blessed to have her wisdom and support." – Rescue Me, The Last Knights

Joseph Anderson

"When I first moved to LA I knew I had the talent, I just didn't know what to do with it. Working with Sara was a complete game changer. Before Sara my auditions were weak, 4 months after working with her I was testing for network pilots, booking guest stars, and getting pinned. I'm grateful that she was the first coach I worked with who really give me the tools to audition and book in LA." -Chicago P.D., Rebel

Paul Karmiryan

"I found Sara at a critical transitional period in my career and my life. As a dancer branching out into acting she gave me the tools and instilled in me the mindset needed to succeed in this industry in just a few months, not after years and years of training. As someone who started from scratch, in just 6 months of training she helped me get amazing Reps, an acting reel, headshots, and a website. And in the past 8 months I have started auditioning, her coaching has helped me book 2 co-stars, 2 guest stars, and a supporting role in a movie from Netflix to ABC to Lifetime. Not to mention every single room Ive gone into I have received amazing feedback. Needless to say, Sara Mornell is the best thing this industry has seen and it all comes from the simple fact that she genuinely wants her actors to succeed and will move mountains to ensure that." -Flaked, Switched at Birth

Travis Smith

“I have never felt more confident walking out of a class than I did walking out of Sara's Audition Intensive. Her insights and knowledge of the business is invaluable. I've grown and learned so much working with Sara. Always direct and encouraging, she pulls the best out of her actors. Her one-on-one coaching sessions gave me a clear plan of action in figuring out how to achieve my goals as an actor. In addition, she has built an incredibly supportive community that are always willing to help each other out. If you are ready to do the work and take control of your auditions, I highly recommend Sara's classes.”

Atkins Estimond

"Before working with Sara I hadn't taken an on camera acting class in almost two years. In Atlanta the options for good training are limited. I had taken some classes and worked with coaches that got me to a point where I was booking, but after a while I reached a plateau. I could see the bigger opportunities, but they were out of my reach. I didn't feel like there was anyone who could take me to that next level and I didn't want to sit in classes wasting my time and money. When I found out about Sara I was really excited for the first time in a long time. I had heard from some trusted sources that she was doing something very different and special at her studio. I took the first intensive that Sara did in Atlanta and I was blown away. I could tell right then that she could get me to where I wanted to be. I got into her class as soon as possible and in the short time that I've been working with her I've had so many breakthroughs and experienced so much growth. Taking class with Sara has also been the first time that I've found myself inspired and motivated by the progress of my classmates. Sara doesn't teach you how to act for the camera, she teaches you how to live on camera. With her extensive knowledge and experience she has created a method that works for today's actor. Sara is a coach that you can trust. She always keeps it 8 more than 92. I am so thankful that Sara decided to come to Atlanta. I would recommend her to actors who want the ability to walk into any audition with the utmost confidence." -Preacher, Daytime Divas

Rose Rollins

"Sara redefined my entire outlook on the audition process. By the time I had been referred to her I was completely defeated by an entire pilot season without a single booking. She taught me how to take control, make strong choices and, most importantly, have fun! She changed my life. I instantly began making strong impressions in the rooms which have led to my career jumping back on track. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t found her."- The Catch, The L Word

Joe Naufahu

"I have attended one on one sessions with Sara and also her Intensive coaching weekend. The knowledge, skills, and insight I have gained through these sessions and the Intensive has been immense. Specifically her work preparing me for castings and self-tapes has really taken me to another level and given me a new-found confidence which I needed. I will continue to work with Sara and learn from her coaching as long as she will have me! Her direct approach is exactly what every actor needs and her relativity in the industry mean she knows exactly what is happening in the game and how best to take advantage of the opportunities out there. Thanks Sara" - Game of Thrones

Oscar Nunez

"At my wife’s behest I went to see Sara specifically for drama auditions. I think I’ve seen her six times and booked 3 of those jobs. The numbers speak for themselves." – The Office, Shameless

Dondre Whitfield

"I have been fortunate enough to be a working actor for over 25 years. Recently, my work hit a wall. It felt stale and predictable. Nothing is worse for an artist than feeling this way about their work. I never felt the need for a coach- my craft has always been strong enough to get me where I need to be on its own. Needless to say after asking for “the best,” I wound up working with my girl Sara. She immediately got me back on track. Now, I’m making the kinds of strong, great choices that working actors have to make to keep working. In fact, she’s so good I decided to keep her in the family convincing my wife, Salli Richardson Whitfield, to see her too. We are one big happy and working family! Sara we love you for keeping us fresh!!!" – Queen Sugar, Mistresses

Stephen Bishop

"Sara’s approach to teaching and her no nonsense communication style are perfect for me. She makes things very easy to understand and shows genuine concern, not just in class or in coaching sessions but, throughout the entire process. From first audition to booking Sara is there for you and does everything to keep you in the moment and focused. She is not afraid to challenge an actor to reach for new heights." – Being Mary Jane, Moneyball

Joe Egender

"Thanks to Sara, I actually like auditioning now. Never thought I’d say that. She works hard, she works smart, and she works efficiently. She also cares about the actors she works with, taking our success personally. I am grateful to have her in my corner." – The Night Of, American Horror Story

Josh Randall

"Through a combination of hands-on working-experience and an intuitive gift, Sara Mornell has developed a uniquely awesome ability to quickly and efficiently elevate an actor’s audition performance. I highly recommend her." – Ozark, Masters of Sex

Bahar Soomekh

"Sara has incredible insight and knowledge to help actors make the most interesting and truthful choices. I always feel so confident walking into rooms after working with her. In our brutal business it’s a real gift."– Crash, Castle

Esther Povitsky

"I have tried every popular acting training program and teacher in Los Angeles and felt like coaching and lessons were not for me. I always felt people were just running businesses to take advantage of actors and offered little to no help. Then I found the Mornell Method and I changed my career. There are so many wonderful things I want to say about working with Sara but when it comes down to it the most important fact to know is that before her I did not book jobs and after working with her I now do. Wish I had known of her earlier. I now look forward to auditions instead of wanting to quit. No one will be honest with you about the business the way Sara is. Everyone else is too afraid or simply doesn't keep up with the ever-changing business the way Sara can and does. I am recurring on two hit shows in the last year since I met Sara. Can't beat that..."

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sunny Mabrey

"What do you get when you mix a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, refreshingly bold, incredibly gifted, supremely patient, and freakishly creative acting coach with a down to earth, funny, warm, generous, and lovely friend (not to mention super hot babe and mega-talented actress in her own right)…? Yep. That would be Sara Mornell. She GETS IT, and she is uniquely fantastic at helping the rest of us GET IT, too. Sara’s practical, yet spontaneous approach continues to bless me with the tools I use to breathe life into every character I choose to embody." – The Glades, The Client List

Becky O’Donohue

"In a town where there is so much negativity and rejection, Sara Mornell has been my beacon of inspiration, confidence, and love. I am all that I am because of her." – The Big Bang Theory, Mike and Molly

Jill Bartlett

"Now that I have Sara Mornell as a coach, I no longer doubt myself, or wonder if I am translating the material correctly. Sara coaches me in a collaborative way, where we come up with comedy together. She is my secret weapon and confidence in a bottle. She once said to me “If you can’t believe in you, I will believe in you enough for the both of us." – One Mississippi, I Love You Man

Greg Finley

"No matter how many times you look at a script or scene and try to make it your own, and you think you have made sense of it, Sara comes along and blows whatever you had out of the water. The way she can break down a scene has helped me so many times, whether it’s an audition or a project I’m currently working on. She amazes me every time I work with her and I wouldn’t recommend another coach." – The Flash, iZombie

George Stults

"No matter what stage an actor is in their career, auditioning never gets easier & is the one thing that ALL actors need help with. Sara Mornell is the only coach teaching what it really takes to book work."– George Stults -Zoo, 7th Heaven

Shad Gaspard

"Prior to working with Sara most of my friends, family, & other thespians would tell me I was a good actor. But after working with her they wouldn’t say that to me any more, because now they see no acting in my performance- just honesty, and truth. Sara has helped me find the reality in every performance I do, so I’m no longer acting, but just being in my performance. I credit her for finding the part of me that was missing in my performance, and helping me get to the next level." – Think Like a Man Too, The Exes

Debrah Farentino

"Sara inspires me in ways I am just beginning to understand. In our first meeting, her intuitive skills identified and then illuminated a place in my work that was in desperate need of, shall we say, refreshing. Because of Sara’s approach and keen eye, I can honestly say I love the process once again; and in a whole new way. I will forever be grateful." – Eureka, Storm of the Century

Noah Centineo

"When I was younger I worked on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, I had a natural ability to perform and to act but I would never have been able to work on Network Television if it wasn't for Sara. I owe so much to her not only as a teacher, coach and mentor but also as a friend. She is the derivative, she is the reason my career is where it is and why I'm so confident in where my career will go. No matter who asks me, "how can I get started?" "How did you get to be on a show?" My answer is and will always be the same, "Sara Mornell" -The Fosters, Austin and Ally

Dennis Julian Nelson

“I don’t think there is enough space on a simple testimonial page to narrow down Sarah Mornell’s unique gift. Not only does she blend her extensive knowledge mastered at one of the most prestigious and honorable acting schools in the world with years of on the job, on the fly, experience in the Hollywood, but she reaches each and everyone on of her students that she engages with warmth and drive. My diagnosis: Sara Mornell genuinely CARES. Her groundbreaking, game changing approach will have you feeling like a worthy and deserving artist of the industry, and will have you expecting the best from yourself with confidence every time you walk into an audition room. If you are on the fence about spending the money for one of her intensives, get off the fence. It was TRULY the best money I have ever spent on my career as an actor and can never be taken away. Sarah isn’t just showing the future generation the road, she’s pioneering the genesis of an entirely new “class” of actors. There is no other way. And if another way does present itself in the future, you can guarantee it will have been influenced by the spectacular example of the “Mornell Method.”