Two-Day Audition Intensives

Sara is revolutionizing the way actors are being trained. This starts with the Audition Intensive. For actors who want immediate results and a complete understanding of what it takes to master the audition, this class is invaluable as well as a life changing experience for every actor who has taken it. Sara’s insights and coaching positively and effectively changes the way they approach their career, auditions as well as dramatically increases actors booking jobs. The Intensive is not for the beginner actor.

What You Will Learn:

How to Master the Room, The Mornell Method for approaching Audition Material, How to do a Phenomenal Self Tape, Guest Star, Film, Series Regular, Dummy Side Auditions, as well as the Technical Audition. Sara also addresses agent manager relationships, and how to be more proactive in your career.

Cost: (ATL) $480 |  (LA) $595 | (NY) $640 | (London) $670

Class size is limited to 10 actors. Actors joining the Intensive must have representation. No Exceptions. 

Payment is nonrefundable, except in the case of family emergencies or job bookings. 

Cancelations within 24 hours or less of the intensive will not be refunded, No Exceptions.  

If the intensive dates you prefer are full and you would like to be added to the waitlist for an upcoming intensive please email the studio at 

This class is not for the beginner, and completion of the Weekend Intensive does not guarantee placement in ongoing class.


Upcoming Intensives in ATL: TBA 

Upcoming Intensives in LA: TBA    

Upcoming Intensives in NYC: TBA

Upcoming Intensives in London: TBA 

Kiah Alexandria Clingman

"When my friends told me that Sara's class would be life-changing, I have to be was pretty hard to believe. How could a two day intensive be life changing? I'm proud and so happy to say that Sara, not only is your intensive life-changing, but YOU, the light you bring to the world is life-changing! Within 12 hours I was able to transform myself not only as an artist, but an entire being. My confidence has increased tenfold and I now have the fearlessness I've prayed for to walk into any audition room and honor who I am. No longer will I be afraid of casting directors or other so-called "giants" in the industry because I understand that I am important with or without the audition, with or without the booking. I am ready to train my craft like an athlete and not only start booking but BELIEVING I can BOOK! Thank you Sara for all that you do and all that you are. You are a blessing to Atlanta and every artist that you touch!" - Kiah Alexandria Clingman

Staz Nair

"Sara's intensive was the perfect introduction and in-depth approach to the way the audition process works. Sara's method is constantly evolving to accommodate the changing nature of the biz. She taught me how to own a room, how not to diminish my value in a room full of casting directors and how to bring something to the scene that is unique to me. I still train with Sara on a weekly basis and would recommend any serious actors looking to get a leg up in this business. Thank you coach."-  Game of Thrones, Rocky Horror

Karen Bethzabe

"I knew I needed help with my audition process and I heard that Sara Mornell was the coach to work with if I wanted to book Jobs. I booked a Major Recurring Guest Star on a hit show with a couple of days of my coaching and the intensive. To say that Sara changes actors lives is an understatement. She gives you a new sense of confidence and trust that stays with you far beyond the audition room. She is a Gift." - Fear the Walking Dead