Mornell Studios prides itself on supporting working class actors offering scholarships to those experiencing financial challenges and anyone facing hardship.

Actors interested and in need of a scholarship are asked to formally apply by writing to the studio, explaining their current situation, as well as why they feel like staying in class and being a part of the Mornell Studios Community is important to them. Application info for our scholarships for ongoing class can be found below. Open only to those currently enrolled in ongoing class.

Scholarships offered:

The Dr. Pierre Mornell Scholarship 
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The Dr. Pierre Mornell Scholarship  is offered to actors who are experiencing financial or personal hardship, but also want to continue taking classes at Mornell Studios as well as a way for working actors to give back to the studio.

“ My dad was my hero and best friend. A few months before the Independent film I was starring in was set to premier at the Santa Barbara Film festival- my Dad called to see what the plans were for the cast and crew party celebration. “Dad, the producers are broke they won’t have the money for a party.” He paused for a split second, “Why don’t you call them and tell them I’ll cover it”. We weren’t rich, my Dad had spent many sleepless nights worrying about the cost of putting us through school. Once his mind was set on something, however, my father was the man to make it happen. He moved through life with integrity, honor, and a strict code of values. I was raised to treat people equally and with compassion. This story is just one of many illustrating the kind of support he gave me throughout my life and career and this scholarship is named after him and his legacy of lifelong generosity.” -Sara Mornell

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If you are interested in having a Scholarship named after you please email  to discuss. 

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Your donation will provides actors, access to top tier training no matter their background or financial status. 

$2,800 1 year of scholarships

$1,400 6 months of Scholarships

$840 3 months of Scholarships

$280 1 month Scholarship