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Online Course: Audition Intensive

Actors need to expect & demand more from their training. The type of acting has changed and classes need to reflect that by giving actors immediate and applicable tools that will help BOOK JOBS. If you have read the testimonials and seen some of the people Sara works with then you know that the Mornell Studios has more current working actors then most studios in LA combined. Take this online course and you will know why.

What You Will Learn:
  • How to master a 9 page action-filled (light on dialogue, heavy on physical challenges) audition that you get the night before

  • Does one size fit all in terms of preparation?

  • How to prepare for a series regular audition vs. a guest star audition?

  • How actors can be losing jobs before they even say their first line

  • Connecting the disconnect of auditioning and acting

  • How to bring great acting into the audition room by being truthful and real yet understanding the bigger picture int terms of how someone who is hiring us watches the audition

  • Why going in and trying to be a breakdown doesn't work nor books the job

  • Why Sara thinks we need to eradicate the word character and why it is hurting actors not helping

  • How to master the different types of co-star auditions and the challenges they present

  • How to learn material in a way that takes the guess work out of the audition process

  • The business of the business

  • What to say when they ask you "do you have any questions?"

  • Do I need to have a social media if I want to be a working actor?

  • Dealing with agents/managers

What You Will Get:

This course includes over 24 instructional videos, sides for every scene performed/critiqued, cliff notes for each lesson summarizing the main takeaways, as well as bonus "cheat sheets" and audition checklists from Sara.

Note from Sara:

While there are many online courses popping up with different teachers, nothing can substitute for an in-person experience (particularly with this industry). However, with all the confusion about auditioning, this course WILL clarify what it is to walk into the room with a working actor mentality, not the actor who is desperate to work.

This is a 6 hour version of what is normally a 12-14 hour weekend course with Sara. However, it was also designed to provide you with the tools and techniques to take anyone's audition to the next level.

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