Performance coaching

"Sara Mornell will introduce you to the parts of yourself that you would rather not know, and help you integrate those parts into the whole of who you are, which will inevitably bolster your performance when the pressure is on." 


CY Young Award Winner, Former Pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, & Musician 

Athletes, Lawyers, Public Speakers, anyone looking to up their game no matter the industry individuals across the corporate spectrum can benefit from one on one coaching and the Mornell Method can work for everyone. Sara’s approach is based on mental conditioning, how we handle the “voices” within, and channel those distractions.

Mornell believes that we all have many different internal voices that have either been taught, silenced, condemned, and those that were never ours to begin with. At the same time we all also carry voices of power, purpose and freedom. Finding which specific voice works for each individual client is what Mornell does best.

Previous client , Barry Zito, former pitcher for the San Francisco Giants worked with Mornell for a month. Zito felt that he had gained new insight and a fresh perspective on his pitching career that previous managers, coaches, and psychologists had been unable to provide. . Whether it was analyzing his best game tape with Mornell, breath work, mantras or finding his creative side- the work was deeply personal, intense, and life changing.

If you are looking to be challenged, take your skill set to the next level, or rediscover your “love of the game” sometimes you need a coach and Sara Mornell is that coach.

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Mitzi Marshall

"I am an Equestrian. My whole life I have been an National level winner/competitor in my sport. However, last year I hit a wall. My head wasn't able to make the moves my body knew from memory and years of conditioning. Sara coached me through a major block and I was back in the ring and everything clicked. She showed me how to do the hard work for my mental game, freeing my mind so, I could be in the saddle and moving toward my goals. I train my body like and athlete with a trainer. I train my mind and heart with Sara Mornell. Thank you Coach. " #mornellmethod

Equestrian and Actress

Kerry Rhodes

"I knew what I wanted to do after football and that was to be an actor. I found out very quickly after my first meeting with Sara(coach), that meant not acting at all! which blew my mind! After reading a scene and crying for the first time in a long time I knew that I had found my person. As an actor i knew I had to find out more about what was inside me that I had to offer. She helped me uncover and discover the parts of myself that I was so longing to put on display for the world to see. She's my ace in the hole."

Actor and former NFL Player


"The simple truth is that my performance, understanding, ability to progress, and yes, my employment, have all dramatically improved with the guidance and support of Sara Mornell. I consistently look to her for coaching, and wisdom, and am always, ALWAYS, better for it." - Grey’s Anatomy, The Butler