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Even The Best Hookers Need Pimps: How To Be A Working Actor In Today’s Hollywood

Actors are not business people. They are artists and everything that the word implies. This book bridges the gap between the business world and the acting world and gives actors the tools they need to succeed in the Industry today. There is no other book like this on the market. While there are books on this subject, the information is either outdated or written without taking into account the way an actor/artist thinks. This book also tackles the reality of the business of acting today. While most are still teaching old school foundations and methods they cannot be directly translated into what it takes to successfully understand the audition. Whether they’re coming from London, Australia, or Kansas, this is information that’s not getting out there and that all actors need. This book is written for the 21st century, ADD actor. It’s a hard-hitting, no bs book that doesn’t pussyfoot around the truth of what it takes to be a successful, working actor. And the stories peppered throughout not only keep the readers entertained, but after picking their jaw up off the floor, will find themselves laughing and inspired.

Even The Best Hookers Need Pimps: How to Be a Working Actor in Today’s Hollywood Now available via Amazon: